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If you are tired of the pressure sales, scare tactics, and feeling taken advantage of because of your lack of knowledge of today's automobiles, then let Shadetree Shane's be your new home for all your auto repair and maintenance needs.

Fluids Filters Belts and Hoses Timing belts Wiper blades Spark plugs Oxygen sensors

BRAKES: Pads, Calipers, Rotors, Hoses, Master Cylinder, Booster, Shoes, Drums, Wheel cylinders SUSPENSIONS: Ball joints, Bushings, Control arms, Shocks, Struts, Wheel bearings STEERING: Rack and Pinion, Tierods, Idler arm, Pitman arm, Gearbox ELECTRICAL: Starters, Alternators, Batteries COOLING SYSTEM: Waterpumps, Fans, Fan clutch, Thermostats, Radiators, Hoses AIRCONDITIONING: Compessors, Condensors, Evaporators, Fans, Hoses, Blower motors, Acuators BODY: Window regulators and motors=

Transmissions Engines Steering Suspensions Air conditioning Cooling system

Headlamps, Bulbs, Lenses, Windshields, Mirrors, Grilles, Bumpers, Door handles


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